Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms have become standard security equipment in stores and other businesses, and they are becoming increasingly common in private homes as well. There are a wide variety of options available. Our security professionals can design the best solution for your home/business according your requirements and budget.

Types of burglar alarm systems

There are several different types of alarm system available, each offering different levels of security.

Bells-only alarm 

You can just pay the charges of burglar systems and installation fee and rely on someone phoning you or the police if the alarm goes off.

Maintenance contracts 

You can have a maintenance contract with us to inspect your burglar alarm system at least once a year. Having your alarm system professionally maintained can help tackle the biggest problem of false alarms.

Monitoring contracts 

You can pay extra to have your alarm system monitored, so you or a key holder is called when it goes off. You also pay for maintenance if you want this. The idea is that the alarm system connects to a receiving centre contracted by your installer or via a monitoring company. They call key holders if there are two indications a burglary is taking place, such as a sensor going off or the sound of a door being kicked in. Monitoring contracts includes maintenance contract by default.