Data Center Solutions

The data center serves as the backbone of the corporate network, connecting together servers, applications and storage across one infrastructure. Cloud computing and virtualization technologies are forcing enterprises to rethink their data center design to ensure the performance and efficiency of computing and storage resources in the face of increasing application demands.

To meet these challenges, enterprises require networking solutions that go beyond basic high speed connectivity. The network must be interoperable, scalable and optimized to meet the automation and visibility requirements of a highly dynamic data center.

NEVISOL Technologies provides state of the art data center solutions with following key steps: 

  • Requirements Analysis and Specifications Development                                                                          
  • Data Center Pre-Installation Preparation
  • Hardware and Software Acquisition Planning
  • Performance Analysis
  • Computer System Integration with Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Data Center Procedures Development
  • Enduring Adversity
  • Operation, Administration, and Support Training
  • Remote Operation Control and Monitoring
  • Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Software Installation, Configuration, and Customization
  • System Hardware & Software Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Disaster Recovery Design and Planning
  • Data Center Relocation 
  • Structured cabling and ducting

key features of our services

  • Operational, administrative and support function difficulties
  • Hardware failures encountered during normal processing
  • Hardware reconfiguration assistance
  • Maintenance planning, scheduling, coordination, and response escalation
  • Problem management
  • Software support of Operating System and Program Products
  • Performance monitoring and enhancement
  • Configuration management
  • Security management and access administration
  • Data Center Documentation and Procedures Development