Electrical Systems

Our services in electrical systems cover a wide range of fields and our teams have extensive experience of designing such systems for numerous industries. Some of the fields where we have been worked include automation industry, energy industry, wireless, security systems and power industry.

We provide solution to complete lifecycle of a new product and require both business and development excellence to make it a success. We also provide help in integrating complex systems involving combinations of hardware, software and web based applications.

Embedded Software

 Nevisol has expertise in firmware development. We provide wide range of software design and development services. We provide software development for various controllers and as well as DSP based systems. We provide software development services for the following companies’ chips.

       ·     Microchip Technology

       ·    Texas Instruments

       ·     Analog Devices

       ·     Atmel

Our software development team has a many year expertise in C++ and Visual C++. Our services include conception, design and development, verification and validation of product.

Hardware Design Services

Nevisol provides comprehensive hardware design services to its clients. We have contributed to satisfy our clients in different areas. Create, smart and efficient hardware designs, customization, testing and prototyping.

Our design services include

         ·      Circuit Design

       ·      PCB Design

    Circuit Design

       Circuit designing is the first target of any Hardware design services. We have depth experiences of electronic engineering enable us to offer circuit designing for the following fields.

      ·     Analog and Digital Circuit Designing

      ·     Mixed Circuit Designing

      ·     Power Electronics specially power supplies, motor drivers etc.

     PCB Design

We offers comprehensive PCB design services in Automation, Security systems, Wireless, Power and Energy Sector. We have successfully designed boards that meet the most stringent compliance requirements. We have Electrical Engineering Graduates PCB designers are experts in understanding Electrical, Mechanical, DFx and Compliance requirements. Our process and in-house development achieve excellent quality and on-time delivery.

Our services include Schematic Development, PCB Layout, footprints, Simulation, 3D modeling, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), BOM Development, Component Procurement, as well as PCB Manufacturing and Assembly services. We provide services from small single sided board to large multilayer board considering EMI/EMC compliance expertise. We provide services to our client IPC Standards.

   We have vast experience in developing PCB in various areas such as:

·      Wireless (ZigBee, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS)

·      Board consists of DSP, Processors and Microcontrollers

·      Power Supplies

·      Automation boards

·      Evaluation kits

Power system design

Nevisol provides following services in Power system design.

·      Power and control system

·      Electrical load calculation

·      Single line diagram for complete system including MCC, Distribution boards and control schematics

·      Sizing and specification for electrical equipments.

For further queries regarding Electrical and Embedded systems please contact at: info@nevisol.com